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About Android Codec

Android Codec Website is developed to teach android skills to achieve personal and professional goals.It also provide free source code to the problem which student and professionals mostly need.This Website officially follow U.S English.

Where it Started

Android Codec started around in 2015 when i was teaching.Suddenly a student ask me we haven’t found anything regarding this topic(i don’t know about the topic exactly).So then i decided to develop a website which will cover those topics which most of students not get from any website.

My mission

My first priority is to serve people with android tutorials free of cost because mostly people found tutorials paid.I don’t want people to leave any field just because of money.So i’ll try my best to server all people concerning with android development.

Second help you to learn the skills you need to achieve your full potential.By the time i’ll expand this website with Android Development using Xamarin,Android Studio,Zend Studio. So that everyone find everything concerning with android.You can start from here.

Founder/CEO/Owner of Android Codec


Farhan Rasheed

Android Application Developer(Eclipse,Android Studio,Xamarin Studio)

BS Software Engineering,MS Internet of Things(Security)

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