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In this tutorial you will learn how to design User Interface in Android Application.Also you will get more information about the use of Linear Layout in Userinterface.

User Interface Design

First i’ll tell you what you should need for user interface.

  • Relative Layout
  • Linear Layout
  • Image View
  • Icons

If don’t know about Layout’s,what layout is read this and also for Image View.

First i’ll tell you that why most of the layout’s are not good.Why they gone mad :) when your device screen orientation is changed.

Answer is because developer’s or beginner’s not design their app layout for landscape.They just design for Portrait.

Next i’ll tell you about ic_launcher ICONS.Here is the icon sizes to target every android device.

  • drawable/hdpi size (72×72)
  • drawable/ldpi size (36×36)
  • drawable/mdpi size (48×48)
  • drawable/xhdpi size (96×96)
  • drawable/xxhdpi size (192×192)
  • drawable/xxxhdpi size (512×512)

Most of the time developer’s face this image expansion etc.So keep your ic_launcher size according to that list.

Now next you will need those icon’s which you want to put for User Interface.I am using 7 icon’s for User Interface Design.First step to design User interface you should have good grip on use of Layout’s.I’ll just teach for portrait then you design it for landscape by yourself.Don’t worry i’ll tell you something about how to design for Landscape.

So let’s start by creating new Android Application Project.

user interface

Basically in this tutorial you will play with XML.

By default you xml layout contains Relative Layout so leave as it is.Now place all of your icon’s in your drawable/hdpi directory.

First you should know or you should design your User interface  in photoshop or any User interface designing tool.

I’ll tell what we will use means which layouts and how we are going to use them.Three Linear Layout’s in vertical orientation with Image View.Image Might illustrate what we are going to design.

user interface

here is the complete xml code.