Before starting Xamarin Studio i just want you to have some knowledge of Android Operating System.So for that purpose you should read this tutorial to get some understanding of Android OS.

In this tutorial you will learn how to install Xamarin Studio for Android and Visual Studio essential components with SDK. First i will give you some introduction about IDE.

Xamarin Studio

Xamarin Studio is a modern, sophisticated IDE with many features for creating Android Applications. It includes a rich editor, debugging, native platform integration with iOS, Mac and Android, and integrated source control to name just of few of its many features.It’s a native application development IDE.

This Tool basically support two languages.

  • C#
  • F#

OK let’s start with downloading the installation file from IDE store(Free Trail).

First you should have Visual Studio latest version as i told you it support C# language.So,we need it.If you don’t have Visual Studio already installed just follow the Download link.Now Download Xamarin for Windows in my case it’s windows.You will get installer file now click to install.After that it will display a screen like this.

xamarin,xamarin studio installation,how to install xamarin studio android,

Click next button and check the license agreement.Again click next and then your Studio will start downloading like this.

xamarin,xamarin studio installation,how to install xamarin studio android,


This installation process first download Xamarin Studio with SDK,NDK. Then it will check that if you have Visual Studio installed or not.If you haven’t installed then it’ll download the Visual Studio otherwise skip it.It’s size is almost 1.81 GB might took 1 hour to complete.After it successfully installed restart your PC first to run every service properly.

In other case if this file is not working.Then you have download every module manually.

Here the Modules are:

  • Xamarin Studio
  • SDK
  • NDK
  • JDK
  • GIMP Toolkit
  • Visual Studio

After complete installation open IDE.

Now go to menu options File > New > Solution.Click Solution a new window will display select Android App and hit next.Give name of the project and go on.

To new Emulator go to Tools > Open Google Emulator.New window will display,hit create button.Give name to emulator just like this and hit OK.

xamarin,xamarin studio installation,how to install xamarin studio android,

I hope this tutorial might help you in installation of IDE with other components.